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Our Story

We are a local grocer and farmer's market here in middle Tennessee focused on local, organic and natural products. We provide our community and all the surrounding communities with the freshest, responsibly raised and grown produce, meats, and artisan products. CSA Programs, classes, and vendor demos are just part of what we love to do at Gammon's Market. Come by today see what we're all about.

Our Mission

We focus on supporting our local farmers and producers in the Nashville area. We love our community and feel the best way to strengthen it is to work together to bring great products from great people to a larger community. Gammon's Market is nothing without these local heroes and we are so thankful for all that they are and do. And we're blessed to be an outlet for them to provide their products to people who love them and understand the care with which they are raised, prepared, made or farmed.

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